"Serving Michigan's Upper Thumb"


Hot water has been a Lochinvar tradition since 1919. With over 90 years of commercial sales, manufacturing and engineering expertise to rely upon, all Lochinvar products, including the SolutionTM boiler, are designed to the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability using the latest in technology.

Cost Savings High Efficiency
Often times old boilers operate as low as 50% efficiency. This means that 1/2 of your fuel dollars are wasted up the chimney. A Solution boiler, with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of mup to 84%, can reduce your heating bills by over 30%. This means that the Solution boiler can actually pay for itself in just a few short years with the money the old system is wasting. If you are currently spending $2,000 each year to heat your home with your old inefficient boiler, your fuel savings could be as much as $800 per year by switching to the 84% efficient Solution boiler. Lochinvar’s Solution boiler makes heating your home with gas a smart investment that you’ll appreciate for years.

Built For Dependability
Every Lochinvar boiler is made in the USA. Built to commercial grade standards, the Solution boiler is better designed and better built. And every Solution boiler is quality checked throughout the manufacturing process, giving you a boiler built for dependability. When you select Solution, you get home heating that is economical, reliable, flexible, safe and dependable and made here at home in the heartland of the USA. And we back it all up with our exclusive 20-year Limited Warranty.